Viscosity at 40°C.

{{f1.resultado}} cSt

Viscosity at 100°C.

{{f2.resultado}} cSt

Viscosity index


Viscosity at X°C



Enter the name of each product to be plotted, as well as its viscosity at 40°C and 100°C to plot the Viscosity Curve.




The consistency or hardness of a grease is measured by the distance that a standard cone penetrates by free fall at a temperature of 25°C on the surface of the grease.

L = Lubricantes
X = Grasas

Initial grease fill

{{f6.resultado}} gr

Lubrication frequency


Viscosity ratio Kappa (K) is the ratio between the oil viscosity at operating temperature of the bearing divided by the viscosity required by the bearing.

Ideal lubrication is achieved when K’s value is between 1 and 4. As it gets closer to a value of 4, the bearing life gets longer. When K is lower than 1 there can be contact between the components causing undesired wear and the use of EP additives is necessary.

When the value is between 4 and 10 the rolling elements will move but with an increased resistance and a higher friction.

When K is higher than 10 the rolling elements might not have a rolling motion and start sliding, which will increase friction and generate more heat and a higher energy consumption.

Ideal viscosity (ISO VG)


Lubrication interval by hour "10"

Lubricant use per hour

{{f9.resultado1.toFixed(3)}} ml

Volume of lubricant applied each time

{{f9.resultado2.toFixed(3)}} ml

Lubricant use per day

{{f9.resultado3.toFixed(3)}} kgs

Lubricant use per month

{{f9.resultado4.toFixed(3)}} lts

Minimum time of application

{{f9.resultado5.toFixed(3)}} seg

Lubricación por dia

{{f14.resultado}} gramos por día

Lubricación cada


Select the industry to which the application belongs.


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