Success story



Success story

Heroes of
food industry

Industry: Food
Country: Mexico
Application: CPM pelletizer bearings.
Product: Aliplex BM 1.5

"An unscheduled stoppage creates a productivity loss of over 175 tons of pellets"

The maintenance team
gets back 10 hours of productivity,
that equals 350 tons of processed food production

The challenge

After their second unscheduled stoppage of the year, the maintenance team from one of the main cattle food producers, had to find ways to prevent new incidents because each stoppage from the CPM pelletizer cost the company 5 productivity hours that translate to 175 tons of pellets of lost production.

When performing a 360° Diagnosis, our technical consultant along with the maintenance engineer of the area determined that the bearing failures were a consequence of the low resistance of the lubricant in use to the extreme load conditions and contamination by dust and vapour present in the operation.

The solution

Once the problem was identified, our technical team recommended the use of Aliplex BM 1.5, a NSF H1 certified grease with greater load support, that was developed to withstand water washout, water vapor and dust contamination conditions.

The results

Since Aliplex BM 1.5 was implemented in 2017, the maintenance team hasn't reported a single unschedule stoppage. Thanks to their initiative they have gotten back 10 productivity hours annually, the equivalent to 350 tons of pellet production.

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