Assembly pastes, oils, and greases

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Cop Metal

Anti-seize paste for screws and bushings under high loads and temperature.

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Interpasta Silver

Anti-seize paste for screws and bushings in temperatures up to 1,200 °C.

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Acopla 25

Solid-lubricant grease for lubricating couplings at variable speeds.

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A lubricant should be your ally, not your enemy.

The wrong lubricants harm your mechanical elements and stop your process. They make you waste time, money, and effort. Are you looking for extraordinary results? Demand Interlub lubricants fit for your needs and challenges.

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We’ve put together these technical resources to help you make better lubrication decisions. Here you’ll find videos, calculators, product-specific information, among other useful resources.

Anti-seize paste for screws

Discover Cop Metal, a solids-based paste for screw lubrication in high temperature.

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Grease for couplings under extreme loads

Discover Acopla 25, a coupling-lubricating grease.

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