The maintenance team ensures heavy duty equipment uptime and saves 30,000 USD in spare parts.

Industry: Mining

Country: Mexico

Application: Joints and bushings in heavy duty equipment

Product: Ultraplex 2 Moly Plus

"Extreme loads deteriorate the lubricant's structure and accelerate the mechanical elements' wear, which is why we need to protect them with a specialized lubricant."

The Challenge

In the biggest iron mine in Mexico the unscheduled stoppage index for extraction front loaders increased greatly. In just 7 months the company lost 21 full hours of productivity due to equipment downtime.

The stoppages were caused by premature wear of joints and bushings in heavy duty equipment. This caused the replacement of 7bushings and 4 pins, generating costs of 30,000 USD in spare parts.

The maintenance team, in collaboration with a technical consultant from Interlub found the root of the problem: the lubricant in use couldn’t endure the extreme loads that were required. And the presence of contaminants such and dust and mineral particles accelerated the wear.

The solution

Interlub’s product development team designed Ultraplex 2 Moly Plus, a high performance grease which contains solid lubricants and extreme pressure additives. This unique composition assures an optimal performance under extreme loads.

The results

The seven months after the team substituted the traditional grease with Ultraplex 2 Moly Plus were much more productive. The unscheduled stoppage index for front loaders and number of replaced spare parts fell to zero and the 21 full hours of productive time were recovered.

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