Client in Mexico changes from boron nitrate to Extruoil B7 and cuts its operational risk by 100%.

Industry: Metalworking

Country: Mexico

Application: Extrusora en proceso de extrusión de aluminio

Product: Extruoil B7

The Challenge

The client lubricated its extruders with boron nitrate, which created toxic dust.

This caused the following problems:

• Dust contaminated the machinery.
• Dust caused workers to suffer respiratory damage.
• Importation logistics for boron nitrate were expensive and slow.

The solution

We replaced the boron nitrate with Extruoil B7, a synthetic, water-miscible, graphite-free lubricant that complies with all the application’s requirements, without generating contaminated environments. Additionally, as it came from a local supplier, the product simplified the client’s logistics and cut annual costs by 60%.

The results

• We stopped the process from harming workers’ health.
• We eliminated dust contamination in the machinery.
• We simplified and economized logistics.

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