Client in Mexico lubricates its tempering furnaces’ roller bearings with Thermaplex LCM 2 and saves 70% in annual parts and maintenance costs.

Industry: Manufacturing

Country: Mexico

Application: Tempering furnace in the tempering process

Product: Thermaplex LCM 2

The Challenge

The client lubricated its tempering furnaces’ roller bearings with a grease that didn’t support temperatures up to 450 °C. This caused the grease to lose its structure and spill.

This caused the following problems:

• Spills left roller bearings exposed to extreme temperature.
• Roller bearings suffered irreparable damage.
• Roller bearing failure caused unforeseen stoppages.
• Lubricant consumption was high.
• Spills left a contaminated workspace.

The solution

We replaced the client’s grease with Thermaplex LCM 2, a product designed to support extreme temperature in the tempering process. In the client’s first year of Thermaplex LCM 2 use, roller bearings operated without a single issue.

The results

• We stopped accelerated roller bearing consumption.
• We brought lubricant consumption under control.
• We avoided unforeseen stoppages.
• We stopped workspace contamination.

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