Bonnell Aluminum changes from boron nitrate to Interforge KI-C and eliminates stains on its extruded profiles.

Industry: Metalworking

Country: United States

Application: Pushers and saw blades

Product: Interforge KI-C

The Challenge

The client lubricated its pushers and saw blades with boron nitrate.

This caused the following problems:

• Boron nitrate left stains on the aluminum profiles.
• Boron nitrate contaminated the process’ components.
• Lubricant consumption was high.
• Lubricant application in temperatures up to 600 °C put workers at risk.

The solution

We replaced the boron nitrate with Interforge KI-C. Additionally, we implemented an automatic dosing system that applied Interforge KI-C on the process’ components.

The results

• We eliminated stains on the aluminum profiles.
• We brought lubricant consumption under control.
• We improved the plant’s working conditions.

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