Colombian company replaces three different lubricants with Interforge KI-C and saves $60,788 USD in its aluminum extrusion process.

Industry: Metalworking

Country: Colombia

Application: Dummy block in the aluminum extrusion process

Product: Interforge KI-C

The Challenge

The client lubricated, manually, different applications of its aluminum extrusion process with three different lubricants: acetylene flames for the billet, barium nitrate for the dummy, and wax for the die.

This caused the following problems:

• Diversified, complex lubrication.
• High lubrication consumption and costs.
• Manual application in temperatures up to 600 °C put operators at risk.

The solution

We replaced three different lubricants with only one: Interforge KI-C. Additionally, we implemented an automatic dosing system to lubricate the process properly with Interforge KI-C. This system keeps operators safe by keeping them out of extreme temperatures.

The results

• We brought lubricant consumption under control.
• We slashed lubrication costs from $80K to $19K USD.
• We increased workplace safety for operators.

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