The maintenance team saves 100,000 USD in spare parts and gets back 40 productivity hours.

Industry: Steel

Country: Mexico

Application: Continuous casting segment bearings

Product: Uniplex EXP 2

"Premature wear of the bearings generates high spare part costs and lost productivity hours."

The Challenge

The maintenance team of one of the most important steel companies in the world, faced a really important challenge: reduce premature wear of the continuous casting segment bearings. Solving this problem was pressing, because the number of damaged bearings rised to 360 per year and this impacted productivity by having over 40 hours of unplanned downtime.

The solution

Our technical team recommended Uniplex EXP 2, a lubricating grease that excels in water washout resistance, extreme pressure resistance and high temperature performance.

The results

In the final evaluation of results, the maintenance team confirmed that the proposed objectives were met. It was possible to avoid the premature replacement of 360 bearings and the 40 hrs of unscheduled stoppages associated with the identified lubrication problems.

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